Got the Weekend Blues? How to stop feeling lonely after divorce

Thanks to my divorce, I dreaded Fridays…my weekly reminder of my empty social calendar and my empty heart.

There were no more date-nights or happy-hour chats after a long week, no neighborhood parties or evening strolls holding hands, no Saturday morning coffee before sitting together in the stands cheering for our kids.

I usually gave myself two options on the weekend:

  1. Stay in bed as long as possible and wait for it to be over or
  2. Try to catch up from staying in bed last weekend.

Are you dreading Fridays?

Still not used to sleeping alone in your bed?

Missing your kids?

Or exhausted from devoting hours and hours to raising them by yourself?

Are your friends busy doing “couple” stuff?

Divorce is isolating and loneliness is unavoidable…and it’s right in your face on Friday, isn’t it?

Here are a few tips from the “other side”:

Remember there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely.

Have you ever been at a crowded party and felt lonely? And have you ever been completely content sitting alone in your favorite place? Many divorced women say that they felt lonelier married than they do after divorce.

Accept your feelings.

Feelings don’t last forever. Be patient with yourself. One day you’ll be on the other side of the loneliness, too.

Get to know yourself.

The weekend is a great time to do some thinking and reflecting. You’re changing…What do you like to do now? Who do you want to become?

Plan a solo date then make it happen.

Will you stay home or go out? What will you wear? What will you eat? What supplies or equipment do you need? Will you play some music?

Love yourself!

Give yourself a hug (really…do it ). It won’t always be like this.

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