HAPPY NEW LIFE AHEAD just can’t always see it through the dark divorce cloud

Let’s put your personal plan in place so you can move forward with confidence, clarity, and renewed hope.


I just wanted someone to reach down into the dark hole I was stuck in, grab my hand, and pull me out.


I can’t do this for you, friend (no one can)... but I’m ready to help you climb out and start falling in love with your life…one step at a time.

When we work together, I help you build a future you can look forward to.

How does this sound?

No more sleepless nights… Build a solid evidence-based plan to guide you forward with CLARITY

No more rumination and procrastination… Build CONFIDENCE and SELF-TRUST to ensure you can make the best decisions for you & your family (divorce is not one-size-fits-all)

Build systems for SAFETY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and true CONNECTION to sustain you on your journey




I said goodbye to second guessing myself because I have a plan.



Now I know I’m making the best decisions for the future…for me and my kids.



I’m not alone in the dark anymore…Rebecca always has my back!



I don’t worry about being judged here, or defending myself. I can think again.



My real friends didn’t understand and my FaceBook friends weren’t real. Rebecca gets it.



I’ve become accountable to myself (instead of to everyone else) and I’m building the future I want.

Want to stop thinking about divorce 24/7?

What if you had the MOTIVATION to start moving forward?

How would it feel to TRUST YOURSELF more than books and experts?

And if you finally found someone who really “gets it” to help you...can you feel the RELIEF knowing she has your back?

How much faster would the process go if you had an accountability partner to keep you focused on the future (insead of the past)?

Can you imagine feeling EXCITEMENT about life instead of fear? Is today the day to quit waiting for HAPPINESS and stop wasting time, money and energy on the past?


“Rebecca is deeply compassionate and committed to coaching [clients] to problem solve around challenges they face in all phases of divorce.

Having been through the difficulties of divorce herself, and at the same time having the good sense to know that every situation is unique, [she] focuses on listening, validating, and motivating clients to action."


with you every step of the way

The Bounce Back Better

(after divorce) program

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Even though you’ve joined a bunch of support groups, subscribed to all the divorce podcasts, gone to therapy…read, researched, and talked it into the ground…

You want to heal that lingering heartache but you’re not getting the lasting results you need.

You’re ready to leave divorce in the past and fall in love with your life.

Even if you’ve felt stuck for years, it’s not too late to reset your recovery and make your divorce comeback.

In BounceBackBetter, we’ll get to the root of the pain… so you can stop coping with life and truly heal.


As a woman who has navigated 2 divorces myself and is now thriving in my life and relationship, I highly recommend Rebecca to help guide you through your divorce journey.

Rebecca is an incredible human and compassionate divorce coach. She's turned her own divorce experience into a program coaching other divorcing and divorced [individuals] with her wisdom and practical guidance."

Maritza Parra

Let’s do this!



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Get started on your way to a happy life you can fall in love with.

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